One of the original, on going, British punk bands were proving they still have what it takes to get the crowd going this year in style! For those of you who don't know who they are, the U.K.Subs have been around for years showing, playing & Partying.
The U.K.Subs have had a song of theirs covered by Guns n' Roses and a crowd favorite, 'Warhead' was used in the soundtrack to the film 'This is England' so as you can tell they're a big deal!

Jet Storm (guitarist & T.U.K. fan) was showing off his new A8023 White and Black City Rocker Sneakers at the Bournemouth gig on their UK tour, which we were lucky enough to tag along for.
Jet discussed his love for the T.U.K. brand after I showed him the A8143 Hi Mondo Red Leopard print Creepers I was wearing, and told me about his collection, whilst Alvin (bassist) said he had a few pairs too which he loves.

Punk Legend, Charlie Harper & the boys who formed in 1976, were playing to a buzzing crowd of a mixed age variety group, in an intimate venue called 'Anvil' in Lansdowne, Bournemouth. They were socializing with all of us fans, before and after the show had finished, much to our excitement, they were very genuine :)

If you want to adopt Jet's style, follow the link below:

U.K.Subs rock!
If you like bouncy riffs, and old school punk, check the guys out on their website:

December 13, 2012