If someone named themselves as the “best artist in the world” you would probably shrug off said individual and their artwork, due to the arrogance of the artist; but in the case of Mitch O’ Connell it’s true, he really is one of the best artists in the world! For those of you unfamiliar with his awe inspiring talent, his stunning illustration has appeared in magazines such as Rollingstone, million selling CD covers, advertising, exhibitions, hung in tattoo shops worldwide and now, on our fabulous T.U.K. shoes! Mitch O’ Connell has collaborated with T.U.K. Shoes as our featured artist for this season. This is great news for T.U.K. and also for you too as he has put his quirky stamp on a selection of heels and ballets flats, that are available now for the Spring/Summer 2013 collection! He has donned his tattoo style characters on a few selective styles, such as the pin up hula girl on the A8340L white ballet flat, a kooky clown on the A8339L purple ballet flat, his ‘sexy cat’ on the A8338L rocket heel & the A8336L Antipop heel, and last but by no means the least, the Tiki Dancer appears on the A8335L Antipop heel and the A8337L rocket heel. Go to our website to see these characters in all their glory or to bag yourself a pair today: https://www.tukshoes.co.uk/search/mitch Mitch has just brought out his new book “The world’s best artist - By Mitch O’Connell.” You can go to his website to see more of his artwork, as he is not limited to one style by any means, or to learn more about his adventure of a life: http://www.mitchoconnell.com/
April 19, 2013