If you're a fan of Indie-Punk music, you will want to check out our interview with Glasgow-based duo 'Run Into The Night'. This up-and-coming band consists of Christina Cassette on vocals & guitar and Andrew Riddell on drums and they are making waves in the music industry. We got the chance to chat with them about their music, influences, and plans for the future. 

📷 Photo by Francis Fitzgerald: www.ffitz.info

How and when did the band Run Into The Night form? 

Christina - The band started as a fun project for me to record music in my bedroom. I was experimenting with crazy guitar tones/pedals and ended up with some indie punk rock tracks that I wanted to get out there. From there, things happened pretty quickly with our first single ‘Turn To Static’ being nominated into the top 20 for a songwriting music award online. Then we were making music videos and touring!

Andrew - I've been in bands and projects with Christina on and off for years now, and I took over on drums and as a co-writing partner in RITN mid-lockdown 2020. 

How would you describe your sound?

We would say Indie alt guitar rock with a bit of a spaghetti western twist. There are also influences from middle eastern guitar (my mother is Lebanese) and punk rock which I grew up on. The interesting thing about RITN is that there are no rules when it comes to genres and influences. Andrew and I love to mix things up. 

Who have been your biggest influences & inspiration? 

Christina - There's so much! For me, let's go with Quinten Tarantino films, Queens of the Stone Age tones, and mixed in with The Runaways fashion. 

What’s your musical guilty pleasure? 

Andrew - I love 80's-90's arena rock. The cheesier the better! 

When/where did you first start gigging & how did your first ever gig go? 

Andrew - My first gig was in the student common room in high school, playing QOTSA (No one Knows at age 13, haha) and Weezer covers. It went OK! First "real" gig was at The Halt Bar in Glasgow in a pop-punk/ska band, paid in beer before I was old enough to drink. My first gig in RITN was on tour in Manchester, and it was a really fun, sweaty night!

Christina - My first ever show was when I was 16 in an old dive bar. Back then I played bass in a ska band and my friends, and I ended up having a lock-in with the owner and drinking all night! It was my first introduction to performing live and I loved every second of it. 

📷 Photo by Francis Fitzgerald: www.ffitz.info

Tell us a bit about your recent tour

Christina - We toured the UK with the super-talented Jemma Freeman and the Cosmic Something. It was our first tour since the COVID pandemic, and it was great to be back on the road again after 2 years. We performed some new music, wore our STUNNING T.U.K. shoes (thank you!) on stage every night, and met some interesting characters along the way.

Andrew - It was really good fun! Coming out of the pandemic, there were some people that didn't know us, venue regulars, that were so incredibly happy for the return of live music and were so nice and supportive! Super good vibes. Great to see our friends around the UK again too! 

How would you describe your look? 

Christina - 70s rock n roll, high wasted trousers, loud tacky shirts, and T.U.K. creepers!

Andrew - Smart with a bit of character. I love my loud shirts, so usually have that on with a black and white belt to match my awesome T.U.K. Creepers

What’s the best thing about being in a band? 

Andrew - Sharing songs you've written and having people enjoy them (and having a few beers with them after the show!). Getting to travel around the UK playing shows and sharing the stage with your heroes are all big parts of it for me.

Christina - I agree, I love going on road trips, listening to music, meeting new people, and performing to a crowd every night with my best friend Andrew. It's exciting and you can never predict what's going to happen! 

Any advice for bands starting out? 

Andrew - Make sure your band has the right people in and around it. Chemistry is everything. And know your worth!

Christina - Do it for fun and passion, not fame. Be happy, live your life and go on adventures musically and physically.  

What’s next for you? Are any more tours planned? 

We're planning to get back into the studio to record a few new tracks soon. RITN’s next show is supporting the awesome Electric Six, and we're in the early stages of planning a tour for early 2023.

Thank you to 'Run Into The Night' for taking the time to chat with us! If you would like to find out more visit - https://runintothenight.com/

October 10, 2022