I never knew where I fit in when I was young. My style slowly evolved from scene kid to a mixture of vintage and alternative. I grew up in a small town so there wasn’t really anyone who dressed this way, I thought I was totally alone.

When I was introduced to Psychobilly music, I was instantly hooked! I remember seeing all these pictures of people online that looked like me, It was like I finally found where I belonged.

Viva High Creepers in Suede Leopard worn by Miss Amber Louise

I remember attending my first Psychobilly gig, seeing all the people dressed in this dark, punk, 50s aesthetic. I fell in love with both the music and fashion. Creepers are definitely a staple piece for Rockabilly and Psychobilly fashion. My favourite creepers are the TUK leopard print range, Adding that punk edge to a classic creeper.

I first discovered creepers when they became mainstream (for a few months) in 2012. I got a pair of unbranded creepers from a high street store and lived in them. I remember when everyone stopped wearing them, but I didn't want to stop, they were a fashion trend to everyone else but I just fell in love with the style. When they stopped selling them in shops I started looking online that's when I discovered T.U.K. creepers and I couldn't believe it! A brand that had so many different styles, patterns and colours of my favourite style of shoe. I've been obsessed with T.U.K. ever since!

T.U.K. Viva High Creeper in Leopard Suede
June 07, 2022