Freelance writer, Lee Powell is featured looking slick next to his motor, in a pair of the A7269 White Leather Mondo Lo Creepers. These photos were in issue #3 of His Vintage Life and we think they look Rad! - Photos by Claire Powell For those of you who are not yet aware of Vintage Life, come out of that rock you're living under and find them on Facebook. 269,000+ Facebookers can't be wrong, and there's some really quirky posts to be seen. For those born in the wrong era, but bring some vintage into the present day; Old rockers, Teddy Boys, Pin Up Girls etc.. this is a must read for you. You can subscribe through their page for the magazine. Lee, being a massive fan of T.U.K. Shoes was the perfect candidate to write an article on creepers for the Vintage Life Magazine. "I rate T.U.K creepers incredibly high and can't recall a day when I haven't worn a pair in the last 5 years" You can expect to read his article released in the new year in the Vintage Life Magazine. We can't wait! Check out Lee's Tumblr page.
December 20, 2013