From becoming an established body artist, Stephanie designs geometric art not only on the body but to clothing and canvas too - specialising in black and grey abstract dot work. Stephanie Pantera agreed to collaborate with T.U.K. Shoes UK to create a jaw-dropping and artistic tattoo interpretation, creating a piece of art work that should be sat in a museum - inspiring or what?! #bossedit

A boho-feel with clear enthusiasm for geometry - placing each dot, line, curve in it's given place. Stephanie has made a masterpiece, utilising every inch of space inputting the essence from rock art. Poetry has influenced Stephanie as she's included words encompassing true spirituality. Living locally to the sea, this monochrome masterpiece incorporates the waves, engraving a part of Stephanie into these punk shoes.

Stephanie tattooed her designs onto the T.U.K. 1991 Original Matt Black 10 Eye Boot (A9647). A collaboration that speaks for itself...

Stephanie's work @stephanie_pantera_

Photo credit to @markellamstreet

January 01, 2021