Jack is a specialist neo-traditional tattoo artist born and bred in London who was exposed to tattoos at the tender age of ten years old, when he saw his father getting a tattoo. He demonstrated a passion for showing his creative flare from such a young age, that it was only natural that Jack pursued a career to demonstrate this. Sparking his forever-growing passion for tattoos, Jack developed his unique style by portraying highly detailed illustrations in a simple, artistic way.

After completing a degree in fine arts, Jack was taken on as an apprentice at Ink Lounge and matured his portfolio whilst picking up a few tattoos of his own. Jack's designs are simple yet also demonstrate a 3-D edge with bold colour.

Jack designed the T.U.K Black TUKskin 3-Buckle Pointed Boot (A9325) creating alternative shoes for those who want to make a statement. This collaboration maybe monochrome, but the graphics clearly have an eye for 3-D detail!

Jack's work @goksisdead

November 01, 2020