Creep into the new Autumn/Winter '16 Collection. Now that the autumnal shift has finally taken place and even colder weather is imminent, we have some epic new styles to share with you to excite you and give you something to be happy about! Creep It Real This AW16 we have some great new designs and fabrics. So let's just jump right in with the AV9139 Skull and Rose Print Viva Creepers, a colourful printed design with skulls... skulls and creepers are a match made in heaven! The Av9099 Brocade Viva Creepers feature dark uppers with a rich and vibrant woven red design that has an indie/goth vibe. We also see the return of the Creeper Loafer but in metallic silver. Slip on. Sing Bowie. Be Fabulous. Repeat. New to the creeper shoe scene is the AV9107 which reminds us of a Classic Black Suede Creeper BUT it features a metallic gold skull on the vamp with gold studded detailing. These are head turners and we're not sure we'll be able to look where we're going whilst these are on our feet! Let's talk about velvet. We experienced a big demand for Velvet Creepers over the summer months, so this autumn we've been sure to stock a good variety in black, purple, emerald green and burgundy. Try adding some berry tones to your outfit for contrast in the colder months with these creepers. Too fruity for you? The emerald green is a classic autumnal gem that will give any outfit a touch of luxury. Our velvet styles are made with man-made materials and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Who said creepers aren't smart/casual? The new unisex Pointed Creepers for AW16 are the A9156 Studded Smooth Black Leather Pointed Creepers, the A9159 Black Leather Spiked Creepers and the A9154 Burgundy Suede Pointed Creepers. Guy or girl, make an impact to your everyday outfits and sharpen up your formal wear with these statement creepers.
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We hope you like Jammin' too.. For the first time, the new Jam Shoes collection are offering unisex styles so men and women of the world can unite in the bad-assery of Pointed Jam Shoes. But what are Jam Shoes? They're pointed leather dress shoes with the classic T.U.K skulls and bones tread and a variety of uppers - so versatile they can be worn casually but so smart that it doesn't take a lot to dress them up for an occassion! This season we see the Corset Jam Shoes, which as the title suggests, have a ribboned corset vamp through 7 silver D-rings. We are also introduced to the A9118 Black Leather Jam Boots which are a first for T.U.K. They sit just above the ankle and have a large panel strap wrapping across the vamp, attached with two silver buckles - smart and practical!

Hooked on an Ealing!

New boots? New boots! We love new boots! It might be one of the reasons we embrace winter with open arms because it comes with the promise of new T.U.K. Boots! Dresses, tights... boots! Shorts, jumper... boots! Trousers, dressy! D'ya see what we're getting at here? The options are endless. So brand new for AW16 we debut the all new Ealing boots -now in great uppers like the A9141 Floral Lace 7 Eye Ealing Boots and the A9140 Skull and Rose Print 7 Eye Ealing Boots - they combine femininity with combat boots like never before. We can't wait for you lot to get your hands (or feet!) on these for yourself. The EVA soles have the iconic T.U.K. skull and bones tread so you can leave your trail of destruction wherever you may roam! Yuni Collection This autumn the Yuni collection is back with a twist. Shaking it up this season are the the new A9124L Soft Leather Brogue Yuni Heels, mixing the modesty of the classic mary jane shoes with the attitude of the Yuni heel. Watch out for the A9123L Black Suede Yuni Boots with studded spikes detailing the uppers - they're dangerously gorgeous. More? Always. Alongside the new styles we're buzzing about, we're restocking a large portion of classic styles that you love from brothel creepers, creeper sneakers, brogues to heels - the staples of any T.U.K. collection. Check the website to see if your favourites are back in stock and let us know what you think of the range this season! #TUKShoes #TUKAW16
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October 06, 2016