New creepers

T.U.K. is strapping you in this summer with its brand new collection of gladiator sandals, embroidered creepers with a range of high and low sole units. With warmer weather just around the corner, embrace the pointed ballet shoes and studded sandals to put the finishing touch to any outfit. Or why not add some crushed velvet with a chique floral print to be the talk of the town, allowing you to feel on point all day, everyday!

Strap into some serious style in these unique Black TUKskin Multi Strap Pointed Creepers! The creeper has been revamped with high quality TUKskin™ material, a polishable synthetic faux leather that is both soft and breathable. Featuring a comfortable 2cm sole with 5 thin, feminine straps, this vegan-friendly and PETA-approved multi strap creeper has been taken for its classic design, made with a modern twist. A simple way to add some glamourous gothic vibes to any outfit in these stunners. T.U.K. is introducing the cute-AF Black Crush Emroidered High Sole Creeper and Blue/Grey Crush Emboidered High Sole Creeper featuring embellished floral embroidery and smooth velvet complete the summer vibe. The contrasting pinks and blues will finish off any outfit if that be skirt or dress, you will tower above the rest in these cute high sole creepers. The high sole keeps all the original styling that make creepers iconic but adds the comfort expected from modern footwear. The lightweight sole allows you to walk light without losing any height or durability. A pop of colour and smooth texture - let your high creepers do the talking!
Feeling starry-eyed? Why not try a pair of the Black and White Star High Sole Creeper ? Dressed up or down, smart or casual - you can't go wrong. The genuine leather and intricate sitching details will catch everyones eye as you strut around in these high sole alternative shoes. Featuring a unique stainless steel star-ring that guides the laces into 3 eyelets. They are not your average black and white creepers; join the revolution! The lusicous Red Mismatch Star High Sole Creeper screams tartan starry vibes! With plenty of black stars featured on the upper and on the heel, you won't be disheartened.
Expanding from last years range of sandals, T.U.K. has released a brand new collection this spring. With various styles and colours of pointed studded sandals, you will be spoilt for choice as these babies will leave you feeling on point! Presenting the Burgundy Crush Stud Pointed Sandal, perfect if you're looking for that summer look with a velvet touch. A pop of burgundy colour as well as the contrast of silver studs, you won't know what's hit you. Burgundy velvet creepers - fashion statement alert! Why not try walking on the wild side? The Red Leopard Stud Pointed Sandal features a leopard print upper with a red strap and studs, giving you finishing edge. Low sole studded pointed creeper shoes are the talk of the season this year. T.U.K. has taken the original Black Stud Pointed Sandal and vamped it up! You can't go far wrong with a classic Black TUKskin Stud Pointed Sandal, especially being vegan friendly and PETA-approved. This style features an all-black upper made of high quality TUKskin™ material, a polishable synthetic faux leather that is both soft and breathable. Allowing you to strut the streets knowing you're wearing something cute AF and animal friendly.

Introducing the first of its kind this year, T.U.K. has released its first ballet creeper. Not dissimilar to the sandals but the pointed ballet creepers encloses the whole foot and features a delicate ankle strap - introducing the Black Faux Suede Pointed Ballet Creeper and the Burgundy Crush Pointed Ballet Creeper. A choice between velvet to give you a textured colour pop or smooth faux suede, giving you a classic black soft touch.With a 2cm sole, these shoes hold the same charactertistics as creeper but include a thin ankle strap. So if you're looking for a cute feminine shoe to compliment an outfit, you will make a statement in these. Feel on 'point' and look cute AF! The original T.U.K. anarchic Mary Jane brogue is now available in TUKskin™ for you veganites! Express your individuality with the traditional Rock n' Roll Black TUKskin Anarchic Mary Jane Brogue. The all-black anarchic brogue has a chunky sole unit with intricate details on the upper TUKskin and thick buckle strap. Did you know that Anarchic shoes are a favoured style by celebrity and public alike? Go big and bold to be the talk of the season.

Add a touch of chic glamour to any outfit this season with the striking Burgundy Velvet and Black Lace Pointed Creeper Boot which includes a firey contrast of burgundy velvet underneath a delicate layer of black lace, including black satin laces with 5 eyelets. An eye-popping finish to your #OOTD so you can allow your low sole pointed creeper boots to do all of the talking. If you’re eyeing up a pair of killer cute leopard print boots this season, crack out the Black TUKskin and Grey Leopard Pointed Creeper Boot, featuring a smooth TUKskin upper with a daring grey leopard print - grrr! This vegan friendly style features a black TUKskin™ upper made of high quality material, a polishable synthetic faux leather that is both soft and breathable. These gorgeous boots are an eye-catching addition to any wardrobe allowing you to dress these alternative shoes up or down with any outfit. Or you could be feeling something a little more heavy duty with the Black TUKskin High Sole Boot, a vegan-friendly, high sole, 7 eyelet boot which means business. Look sharp and zip yourself into these big 'n' bad combat boots for some serious up-styling which features all of the iconic aspects of a combo boot but is made from a PETA-approved material so you get all the charm, cruelty free! Inject some height and lift into your all-black wardrobe this season.
April 16, 2018