Customise and dress up your T.U.K.s with bondage shoe straps, amping up your style with killer black shoe accesories. Give your T.U.K.s a little extra somethin' with a brand new look! Take one of the clasps and hook it into one D-ring on your creeper. Wrap the strap around the back of the shoe and hook the other clasp into the other D-ring. With a bangin' variety of different staps, you can vamp up your creepers with pyramid studs, chains or spikes!
Raise your shoe game and turn up the notch a lil' with our rad removeable shoe aprons. Simply lay the shoe apron on top of your lace up creepers or lace up boots, tie 'em into the eyelets at the top of the aprons and your good to go. Easily add them onto any lace up creeper or boot to give your shoes a second sick look and turn the style up on your T.U.K.s.

Both the shoe straps and shoe aprons come in a variety of sizes. Ensure you refer to the size guide in the product descriptions before purchasing.

November 13, 2018