Punk shoes have grown and evolved over the years, stemming its roots from the US in the mid 1970's from when the punk era was born. The punk subculture is still going strong to this day with the likes of bands and singers such as Paramore, SUM 41 and Green Day who dress in alternative creepers and punk boots. This style and way of life was not a one-hit wonder as the demand for punk shoes is ever growing to this day.

We have the Teddy Boys to thank in the early 50's and in the early 60’s a number of young rocking subcultures; rockabillies, bikers and rockers, continued to develop and take influence from US music and films which became increasingly popular in the UK. These groups along with the Teddy Boys were very much intertwined, all lapping up the anti-social teenage cultures and shared a common bond for the love of rock n roll music. Although each group had their own distinctive style, one would often borrow from the other and people often moved them from one to another as the years passed. This resulted in a cross pollination of styles to a certain degree and one element of clothing which progressed to each of these scenes was the ever distinctive punk creeper. There are many variations of punk rockers today that express themselves in different mediums but the common theme is expressed through hair statements, striking jewellery and accessories but also with outlandish footwear. Punk bands that have carried this look forward include Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, the list is endless. But such a striking subculture has been brought forward into the 21st century and appreciated by all ages. Punk isn't simply a genre of music, dance or a type of art - it's a way of living, the philosophy, the attitude and essentially, the look. The punk legacy is not defined by one simple piece of clothing, or defined by something you said. It's about the idea of being authentic, dress your own way, do your own thing, you can make the world change around you. So define what you say through your punk shoes! Many retailers (off and on the high street) offer a range of womens and mens creeper shoes, some more expensive and cheaper than others, but the market for rockin' punk shoes is growing. Studs, leather, buckles, red plaid and black velvet!

Classic styles we offer include...

We offer a Black Suede With Black Interlace Viva High Sole Creeper (AV7757) which has been revolutionised with the lightweight EVA high sole, allowing you to walk light without losing any height or durability. Also enhanced with the classic T.U.K. skull and bones tread for added grip and iconic style.
These white and black leather creepers (Black and White High Sole Leather Creepers (AV6804)) look stylish and feel lighter than ever with the new lightweight and more flexible soles. These round toe creepers have black woven interlace detail and stainless steal D-rings. Or why not stay as dark as your soul and keep it all black with the Black High Sole Leather Creepers (AV6802).
A luxe update and vegan friendly alternative to one of our bestselling classic creeper styles is the Black Velvet High Sole Creeper (AV9492). Featuring a rich, black velvet upper with black interlace detail that sits on top of our lightweight platformed sole.
September 20, 2019