If you're crazy about animals, a lover of everything feline or an alternative shoe addict, T.U.K.'s Kitty & Co. range has got you covered! With an ever-changing selection of new styles and materials (including PETA-approved textiles and fabrics), T.U.K. is constantly updating one of their most popular core classics with fresh designs so there's always a new face to add to your Kitty collection 🐱

Instantly recognisable and a staple of any respectable T.U.K. collection, the iconic Kitty character is a retro symbol that we'll never get tired of! The cute, wide-eyed cat face, complete with ears, whiskers and subtle tail detailing at the heel of the shoe, has been a hugely popular core style at T.U.K. for over a decade. Available in a comfortable, casual Mary Jane sneaker, the more formal leather Anarchic Mary Jane with a chunky heeled sole and a 7-eye lace-up combat boot, these classic Kitty shoes come in a fun range of colours, patterns and materials so you'll be able to find your purrrrfect feline companion!

T.U.K.'s collection of lightweight, casual slip-ons are great alternative ballet flats to give your outfits a bit of light-hearted quirkiness. You can dress them up for the office or for a night out or dress them down with a casual pair of jeans, these versatile character flats make a statement with whatever you decide to pair them up with! Featuring a whole collection of characters ranging from the charming Bunny Foo Foo and the classic Sophistakitty, which both feature subtle nose and whisker appliqué detailing, to the adorable Doe-A-Deer with a cute deer and butterfly overlay, there's something for every animal lover and every individual taste. Like the vast majority of the Kitty & Co. collection, these ballet flats are all free from any animal products and are made from PETA-approved materials so are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Find your favourite new shoes in T.U.K.'s Kitty heels range 😽 Giving an elegant twist to a casual classic style, these heels are available in the different heights, materials and patterns so you can add a touch of feline class to any outfit. With the Antipop styles featuring a midi heel to give everyday wearability for any occassion and the Bombshell design featuring a tall, narrow heel for a sleek, feminine look, these PETA-approved heels ooze quirky vintage vibes.
October 11, 2017