Kelly Osbourne has always been one for standing out in the crowd, and here at T.U.K. we embrace that attitude. So we were delighted when Kelly slipped on a pair of our fantastic A6804 Black & White Leather Hi Mondo Creepers for her latest photo shoot; she loved them so much she shared a picture of her sitting poolside with bearded male model, Ricki Hall on her lunch break and kicking back in her creepers, and later whilst on a plane - Living the dream! Being the daughter of the Famous X-factor judge Sharon Osbourne and living legend Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly has never struggled to make a notorious name for herself by trying a variety of jobs from song writing to acting and presenting, and now takes on a new challenge as a fashion designer. She is launching her new fashion line "Stories.. By Kelly Osbourne" with 13 ready to wear styles, available from sizes 0-24 to promote equality in fashion, here's what she had to say about her exciting new line: "I believe that every time you wear something you have a story of where you wore it, whether it's good or bad. My mission is not to be the number one fashion designer in the world" Her new collection is already in demand from celebrity Ciara and pop sensation Taylor Swift - With her quirky style that radiates attitude, we expect it will do well and can't wait to see what she has in store. To adapt your style to resembles Kelly's prominent retro rocker style, grab yourself a pair of leather creepers, some 50s dresses and lilac hair dye! Kelly-O-Poolx300 Kelly-O-Planex300
August 21, 2014