If you haven't yet caught up on the hype and internet sensation that is vlogging (Video Blogging) then you may not have heard of Helen Anderson. Going by the name of Helen or Melon she inspires nearly 400.000 viewers on her Youtube channel alone, giving them style inspiration, hair advice and lifestyle videos daily. The pink haired sensation is also the singer in her band Box of Light as well as being a full time Youtube blogger - So as you can imagine she is very busy but that never takes the smile off her face. She radiates confidence and style throughout each video which is what keeps the fans coming back for more of her quirky persona. Helen Anderz Brogue Creepers We have collaborated with Melon as she is a big fan of T.U.K. ever since her 'alternative days' growing up as she put it, which I'm sure most of us can relate to on some level or another. We just loved her personal style & attitude, so we weren't surprised when Helen opted for something a little out of the ordinary, the A8650 Pink & White leather brogue viva creepers, they're a show stopping women's creepers! Helen wears these out and about casually and says they always turn heads and get compliments. This particular style is on our Viva sole which looks similar to the Mondo sole but is lightweight and has the T.U.K. Skull and bones tread on the sole. Melon then goes on in her November Haul '14 to fondly speak of the A6142 Black Suede and Faux Leopard print Creeper Sneakers like an old friend. She mentions that they remind her of her party days surrounded by Rock n' Roll people, so for her they are a Nostalgic style link to her past of partying and are great for day to day wear due to the comfort and rock n' roll image. This is not the first time we have heard of them being referred to as a Rock n' Roll shoe as Mike Dirnt the bassist of Californian punk rock band, Green Day rocks a pair of these from time to time on stage, as does Jet from the classic punk band UK subs who favours Creeper Sneakers. We are featured in her 2014 favourites video with a pair of Iridescent creepers, that she wore all summer long whilst performing at festivals with her band. So, if you're not accustomed to the ways of Helen Anderson and would like to check out her creeper collection you can find her Vlog channel below in the video below:
January 13, 2015