Trick or Treat? Well we've got nothing but treats for you this Halloween with some bad ass additions to the collection that will send a chill down your spine with excitement.. or maybe someone walked over your grave, who knows we're not psychic. Do you believe in UFOs? Aliens? What are they hiding at Area 51?! Well we're bringing the extra terrestrial to you! No secrets about it, these are the coolest shoes ever! Glow in the dark aliens are the coolest thing you can rock on your feet and they stomp all over that kid in the supermarket with light up shoes who's making you jealous. Great shoes to wear by day as a black on black look and then at night you can rock up to the club with these on and light the way. We have either the A8906 Glow in the Dark Alien Wrap Creepers available or the T2238 Glow in the Dark Alien Anarchic Boots to stomp around in. Smiley Creeper BootsWe have some black leather creepers and creeper boots for a spooky edge to your outfit or costume this Halloween.. they feature melted smiley faces in bright yellow for the 90s vibe, pair them up with a pair of fishnets for a retro styling. These are available on the lightweight Viva sole which have the iconic T.U.K. skull and bones tread on them for extra grip and style - leave the classic T.U.K. tread in your wake wherever you go. Hot! Hot! Hotter than hell! The A8664L Flame Nosebleed Mary janes are perfect for adding attitude to your attire and will catch they eye of everyone at the party. We have the A8657 Men's flame jam shoes with matching red flames for a his and hers option. Alternatively, if you're more of an "All black everything" the men's jam shoes now come with all black patent flames - The devil himself would be jealous of these shoes. As always our creepers are on hand as a fantastic alternative to heels as they look great and provide the height with the platform soles. For a horror inspired touch, we'd recommend the monster lug creepers. The A8330 Paint splat and studded monster lug creepers are the perfect statement shoes with a 7cm high stacked sole.A8664L-x1500 Alongside the A8831 Black suede monster lug creepers we have a large collection of black creepers in leather and suede to choose from, all you have to do is chuck a dress or jeans on with them and you're ready to creep it real in your go to staple that can be worn all year round. For those who love our Kitty and characters collection, we have a variety of Day of the Dead products available with the newest additions being the flat Day of the Dead Kitty Antipop Heel or femme ballet flat option.. the dead cute version of grumpy cat and all are made from vegan-friendly materials. For a more conservative style the A8933L monochrome skulls Antipop Heels and A8923L Monochrome Skull Flats are perfect for bringing your own style to an office look or dress down with jeans. We have plenty of treats for your guys n' ghouls this Halloween so tag us in your outfit pictures with T.U.Ks! @tukshoes_UK
October 02, 2015