Power pop punk and alternative blogger Foxxtailz gives us some insider tips on how she mixes her individual style with her everyday outfits and how she experiments with alternative summer style.

What sparked your interest fashion/blogging? I’m not entirely sure, from my mid teens I started experimenting with different fashions. I then started documenting my outfits on Tumblr which then evolved into me creating a blog dedicated to my experimentation with fashion. When did you first start blogging/Instagramming? I’ve had my blog since Feb 2015 and Instagram since 2009. What do you love the most about being an influencer/blogging? It’s another way to be creative, I love to shoot and create content. Also the online blogging community is amazing. I’ve made a lot of friends through blogging. It really makes me smile when someone says I’ve given the confidence to try something a little bit different. It’s why I’m in this after all, not only to create content but I’m alse a huge advocate of personal style and I try to emphasise how important it is to embrace it! How many hours would you say you dedicate to social media each week? Haha erm, a lot. I spend a lot of my free time drafting and brain storming shoots for my blog and putting outfits together. I then make sure I have enough content for the week to post on Instagram and keep engagement up. So honestly, I have no idea but I know it’s a lot. You’ve got to put in to get back :) But it can sometimes be difficult whilst trying to juggle a full time job so sometimes I have to take a step back whilst I focus on my career - it’s what pays the bills after all! Do you work/study alongside your social media work? If so, tell us a bit about what you do. I work full time as a online coordinator for a French fashion company. I create marketing emails for our products and also raise brand awareness. I also manage the social media and write for the company's blog too whilst looking after all email results and reporting. Where do you get your inspiration from? Anywhere and everywhere. From other influencers on Instagram to something I see on the street. As I work in fashion, I get a lot of inspo from that. I also get a heck of a lot of inspiration from Hayley Williams, she’s the one that helped me embrace the ‘’I’m gonna wear what I want regardless of what you think’’ attitude :) How would you describe your personal style? Ah this is a thought as I just don’t know, my blog is an alternative fashion diary, so it’s a little bit of everything whilst echoing my old emo roots. I love colour, I love clashing patterns and just having fun with what I wear, I use it as an extension of my personality. Who are some of your favourite bloggers/Instagrammers? Ah, I love Amy Valentine, Zoe London and Heather from Sugerpea, those girls have serious style and I basically want all three wardrobes to be mine plz. What’s your go-to song/playlist/album at the moment? Hahaa, as a full on Paramore fangirl it’s got to be After Laughter, the new album from Paramore, that or Pop Goes Punk Volume 6, can’t get enough! What are your goals for the rest 2017? I would love to go full time with blogging but that’s more of a long term goal that need to keep plugging away with. I’d also love to move to London or Manchester, need to persuade my boyfriend to move ha! It’s a summery Sunday afternoon – what are you doing? Ok, that’s really weird cos right now, it is a summery Sunday afternoon haha! Ideally? I’d love to be out in Brick Lane taking in all the street art and having a browse through the quirky shops. Reality? I’ve got a lot of life admin to do and a house to clean hahaa! Everybody’s got a nickname – what’s yours and how did you get it? I don’t really have nickname, James calls me pig cos when we started going out I told him I looked like a pigeon . . . . If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you choose and why? Hayley Williams. . . . can you tell I like her ha? It would literally be a dream to hang out with her, gal's my hero! What are your top tips for keeping an alternative style during the warm summer months? You can still keep your alternative edge in summer, its all about the accessories or how you style something, I much prefer summer alternative fashion to winter, I rarely wear black so in summer it’s full on experimental fashion for me! How many pairs of T.U.K.’s do you have and which ones are your favourites? Sadly, at the moment just one but I’m looking to change that, got my eyes on some Burgundy Monk Buckle Creepers that basically need to come live in my wardrobe asap! I do have a beaut pair of Black and White Leather Buckle Up Pointed Creeper Boots which I’m so so in love with. What’s your favourite way to style your T.U.K.’s? Fishnet and some awesome socks, I’m a sucker for a novelty sock! Which T.U.K. styles have got your eye on for the future and why? As well as the burgundy pair, I also really really love the Emerald Green Velvet Viva Creepers and the Burgundy Velvet High Sole Creepers. Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? Full time blogging, living it up in London with my boy and Cassie cat - that’s the ultimate dream!
June 28, 2017