The desire for pointed creepers has been escalating rather quickly over the last year and are really on point at the moment. It could be due to the upcoming party season that inspires the toe change from rounded to pointed for a smarter look or, it could just be the fact that they are so damn stylish. who knows, but we're not complaining either way as we love any excuse to rock a pointed creeper! Recently the specific creeper that people cannot get enough of is the A8520 Black Leather Buckle Creeper - they are flying out the door and into the wardrobes of fashionistas and slick styled men globally. The A8520 is a smooth black on black leather with a traditional monk buckle strap, iconic interlace styling and a 2cm creeper sole; this unisex style radiates cool. Pointed creepers are a great way to dress up an outfit and a great alternative to heels for girls. The platform sole still gives you a bit of a height boost and wont have your feet aching 30 minutes into the evening. Men are just as crazy about wearing our pointed creepers and our popular pointed jam shoes as they look amazing for weddings and special occasions but can easily be worn casually easily and they look really effective with turned up jeans. As leather is not for everyone, there are many colours and styles available from popular suede choices to vegan friendly manmade PU patent styles, including a great burgundy colour for winter. So, what is the Blogger Challenge? 10 French bloggers took to their wardrobes to style the A8520 in their own way to show how diverse pointed creepers can be it comes to outfit styling. All 10 unique bloggers vary in personal style and taste and show just what you can do with a pointed creeper from dressing them up, to everyday wear - the outcome was really positive and they all looked fantastic. The bloggers found their own way to show off their individuality and looked really great despite the A8520 being a style they would overlook due to the pointed toe - now they wouldn't think twice about pointed styles as they found collectively how easy it can be to dress pointed creepers. Some people may not feel brave enough to wear a pointed style despite loving the look of them but check out the bloggers below for inspiration to see how you can bring a pointed style into your wardrobe. What's your favourite outfit? French Bloggers A8520
December 02, 2015