T.U.K. Shoes are a unique footwear brand born in England, raised in California and are the makers of the original Creepers shoes. T.U.K. have thrived for over 25 years now, creating unique shoes for fans, bands, punks & Pin ups! Determining which creeper styles are the best are a matter of opinion, but what we can do is break down the 5 best selling TUK brothel creepers and explain what is so good about them!
1. AV7270 - Black Suede Creeper - Low Sole Viva Arguably our most sought after creeper shoes ever! The AV7270 is a timeless classic lace up in soft black suede with the famous interlacing detail on the round toe and stainless steel D-rings providing a simple but effective design. Season after season T.U.K. Fans snap up this continuous style because you can wear them with anything! They're unisex and universal, you just cannot go wrong with the 3cm sole black suede creepers! - this best seller has been glamorized by the new lightweight viva sole recently, so this style is here to stay (As we fear there may be riots if we discontinue this style) V7270_BIG_1 copy
2. AV8840 - Bordeaux suede Creeper - Low Sole Viva The Bordeaux creepers are a fairly recent addition to the T.U.K. range having only been around for a year or so, but with the perfect cross between burnt out red and burgundy suede uppers with contrasting black interlace on a round toe style, they quickly became a best seller. Sitting proud on a low 3cm Viva sole with skull and bones tread these creepers are unisex and can be worn casually or quite easily dressed up with a dress or trousers for example. V8840_BIG_1 copy
3. AV8142 Black Suede & Leopard Print Creeper - Low Sole Viva The Av8142 has been a continuous style for many years now and it just never seems to get old! The black suede upper gives a traditional feel to the brothel creepers but the cowhair leopard print vamp gives a sense of style and quirk that other shoes lack and draw peoples eyes straight to your feet. These creepers have the traditional stainless steel D-rings for a lace up front and sit on a 3cm lightweight EVA viva sole, with a seriously cool skull and bones tread. We believe these are so popular for their rockabilly, 50s rock n' roll vibe and are used as statement shoes and we've even heard of them being used as wedding shoes - Awesome! V8142_BIG_1 copy
4. AV7757 Black Suede Creeper - High Sole Viva This is a fantastic creeper! The Av7757 is a classic style that has been around for years, this is because black is the new black; it never goes out of style. The AV7757 is the same traditional upper as the AV7270, a soft black suede upper with black interlace and stainless steel D-rings to lace them up. This time sitting on a 4cm high viva sole, with skull and bones tread - These creepers, like all of our creepers are unisex and are definitely in high demand all year round! V7757_BIG_1 copy
5. AV6806 Black Leather Creeper - Low Sole Viva Last but not least in our best sellers list, another black style but this time in leather! The smooth black leather upper creates a traditional style with the classic black interlace allowing the iconic creeper look to shine through. This round toe creeper features the stainless steel D-rings to aid the lace up front and sits upon a ribbed lightweight EVA Viva sole at 3cm high and featuring the skull and bones tread for extra grip. These look fantastic on both men and women whether worn casually or dressed to the nines - it's effortless to look good in this pair of creepers, which is probably why the demand is so high. V6806_BIG_1 copy
May 22, 2015