Creeper History


The history of the Mary Janes

Mary Jane:- ” A flat, round-toed shoe for women and girls, with a single strap across the top” Walking about your life these days, you’d be able to spot several different women’s Mary Jane Shoes in a variety of colours and styles from the highstreet to the dance floor. Traditionally, the Mary Janes are closed, low cut shoe with either a singular or multiple buckle strap. Mary Jane shoes are such a popular style these days, it’s hard to imagine life without such a pivotal style It’s strange to think... Read More


Vintage Life Jeepers Creepers Coverage!

We have found ourselves featured in the wonderful Vintage Life Magazine again this month – in an insightful article written by friend of the Brand; Lee Powell regarding the History of Creepers! We recommend you give it a read, it had us hooked 🙂 Vintage life included how adorable our  Kitty shoes are on their Instagram, we totally agree. Ballet Flats are a must have, and the super cute cat faces make them irresistible not to want, to put them on with every outfit. For fashionistas and crazy cat lady’s... Read More

history of creeper chose 28/01/2014

Do the Creep – a history of the Creeper shoe

Some footwear styles are made for trends but creepers are not one of them, they evolved… get a fascinating insight of how creepers came to fashion, read freelance writer Lee Powell’s article featured in this months Vintageville Magazine. It’s hard to imagine that a pair of functional desert boots worn by British soldiers in World War Two would become the iconic rock n roll footwear of teddyboys and rockabillies; but believe it or not, this is exactly the case! Originally worn in the North African deserts, these thick souled crepe... Read More