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Mara Buur Shares All And Tells Us Her Dark Inspirational Secret

Influencer, forest witch and artist Mara Buur was brought up in the Netherlands and hopes to live in the forest one day as well as run her own tattoo studio. Mara has an alternative personal style which is admired by many across the world. We got to the nitty gritty about how Mara has been inspired to create her dark style… What sparked your interest in fashion? I’ve always liked to put my creativity into everything I do; my work, my surroundings and also my looks. I don’t follow a... Read More


How Clara Zebra gives her classic style a modern twist

Clara Zebra Blending effortless style with a classic twist, Brazillian fashionista and culture blogger Clara Zebra tells us where she gets her inspiration for her ultra-stylish blog and how she likes to mix her elegant look with a pair of T.U.K.’s! What sparked your interest in fashion/blogging? The possibility of expressing myself through the clothes. When did you first start blogging/Instagramming? I started the blog in 2008. The Instagram, I started in 2012. What do you love the most about being an influencer/blogging? Have people who identify with me scattered... Read More


Give your style a rainbow reboot with Lazy Kat

Looking from some guidance on how to add a splash of rainbow-coloured goodness to your outfits (or hair) this summer? You’ve come to the right place – our favourite unicorn-themed, half-mermaid, Parisian pastel princess Lazy Kat has given us the low-down on why she keeps her style colourful and how she likes to style her T.U.K.’s!   What sparked your interest in fashion/blogging? I wanted to share my pictures and the outfits I wore 🙂 When did you first start blogging/Instagramming? I started blogging about 10 years ago and Instagram... Read More


Alternative summer style tips from our girl Foxxtailz

Foxxtailz Power pop punk and alternative blogger Foxxtailz gives us some insider tips on how she mixes her individual style with her everyday outfits and how she experiments with alternative summer style. What sparked your interest fashion/blogging? I’m not entirely sure, from my mid teens I started experimenting with different fashions. I then started documenting my outfits on Tumblr which then evolved into me creating a blog dedicated to my experimentation with fashion. When did you first start blogging/Instagramming? I’ve had my blog since Feb 2015 and Instagram since 2009.... Read More


Blogger Challenge!

The desire for pointed creepers has been escalating rather quickly over the last year and are really on point at the moment. It could be due to the upcoming party season that inspires the toe change from rounded to pointed for a smarter look or, it could just be the fact that they are so damn stylish. who knows, but we’re not complaining either way as we love any excuse to rock a pointed creeper! Recently the specific creeper that people cannot get enough of is the A8520 Black Leather... Read More


Helen ‘Melon’ Anderson

If you haven’t yet caught up on the hype and internet sensation that is vlogging (Video Blogging) then you may not have heard of Helen Anderson. Going by the name of Helen or Melon she inspires nearly 400.000 viewers on her Youtube channel alone, giving them style inspiration, hair advice and lifestyle videos daily. The pink haired sensation is also the singer in her band Box of Light as well as being a full time Youtube blogger – So as you can imagine she is very busy but that never... Read More


Rock n’ Rollerr Blogger

If you’ve been recently following us on social media, you will see that we’ve been on the lookout for new exciting bloggers to collaborate with! We love the Rock n’ Rollerr blog, which is an alternative fashion and lifestyle blog from the Netherlands and fell head over heels with her grungey punk rock outfits and fun loving lifestyle posts, and found ourselves always looking back for more to see what she is styling. We believe every punk rocker should own at least one pair of T.U.Ks in their wardrobe, so... Read More