T.U.K. Shoes UK x Stephanie Pantera

From becoming an established body artist, Stephanie designs geometric art not only on the body but to clothing and canvas too – specialising in black and grey abstract dot work. Stephanie Pantera agreed to collaborate with T.U.K. Shoes UK to create a jaw-dropping and artistic tattoo interpretation, creating a piece of art work that should be sat in a museum – inspiring or what?! #bossedit A boho-feel with clear enthusiasm for geometry – placing each dot, line, curve in it’s given place. Stephanie has made a masterpiece, utilising every inch... Read More


T.U.K. Shoes UK x Manuel Mathow

Manuel has been tattooing in Berlin, Germany since 2001 and his style can only be described as the supernatural. He’s been designing, drawing and painting for as long as he can remember whilst developing his own personal style, describing his technique as ‘newschool.’ Definition being a mixture of street art, graffiti and comics – distinguished with clear lines and many bright motifs. Manuel sketches his design on the T.U.K White Vegan Leather 3-Buckle Pointed Boot (A9683). Manuel’s work @manuelmathow


T.U.K. Shoes UK x Jack Goks

Jack is a specialist neo-traditional tattoo artist born and bred in London who was exposed to tattoos at the tender age of ten years old, when he saw his father getting a tattoo. He demonstrated a passion for showing his creative flare from such a young age, that it was only natural that Jack pursued a career to demonstrate this. Sparking his forever-growing passion for tattoos, Jack developed his unique style by portraying highly detailed illustrations in a simple, artistic way. After completing a degree in fine arts, Jack was... Read More